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The Future Looks Bright in North Dakota for Graduate Education

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Enrollment numbers were released yesterday in the Grand Forks Herald for several of  North Dakota’s schools of higher ed. It is heartening to see that undergraduate and graduate enrollments have increased in many schools, with some reaching their record highs. NDSU has recorded their highest ever enrollment. UND’s numbers were also increased over 2008, with just shy of 13,200 official heads counted and, we’re proud to share, a record enrollment in The Graduate School. Other schools, such as Lake Region State College and Minot State also reported stronger numbers.

This is great news for the future of graduate education in our state. While other states may be struggling with various issues such as student funding, faculty tenure and the like, North Dakota’s increases suggest that our strong economy continues to be a draw card. This is especially relevant in graduate education where research is a prominent focus and opportunities for public and private partnerships thrive.

The Red River Valley Research Corridor, an initiative of Senator Byron Dorgan in partnership with UND and NDSU, continues to strengthen our regional economy, provides opportunities for advanced research in a number of fast developing disciplines, and creates synergies with innovative companies. Graduate students and graduate faculty benefit directly and indirectly from such initiatives and other organizations like the Energy and Environment Research Center (EERC), the Northern Plains Center for Behavioral Research and the Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium to name but a few.

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September 23, 2009 at 7:48 pm

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