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INBRE Annual Symposium for Undergraduate Research

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I’ve found a certain wide-eyed excitement when I talk to students that are considering The Graduate School. They’re about to enter into a new and exciting part of their education. They’re thirsty for learning, and they realize that graduate school is like drinking from a fire hydrant.

On Thursday, I spent the afternoon at the 2009 North Dakota INBRE Annual Symposium for Undergraduate Research. About a hundred undergraduate students from across the state came to Grand Forks to present the research they’d been working on. OK, so I didn’t always understand the chemical compounds, gene expressions or cytoskeletal proteins, but I did understand the enthusiasm these students were gaining for the academic life. (Evan Nelson)

INBRE Symposium

INBRE Symposium

It was a pleasure to speak with these students, and to see faculty from state-wide universities speaking with these students, too. I think that these students got a taste of what graduate study is all about: entering a conversation with experts from around your state, your country, your world. Yes, that’s a huge conversation, but it’s also a part of the excitement.

Written by evannelson

October 23, 2009 at 1:11 pm

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