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Some Reflections on a Great Travel Season for our Recruiters

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Morning against the mountains in Logan, Utah

Evan Nelson here, and on behalf of everyone who hit the road for The Graduate School this autumn on recruitment visits, I want to let you know how great our travel season was. We visited schools near the beaches of Southern California and Lake Superior, in the cities of St. Louis and Missoula, during snow sprinkles in Salt Lake City and sunshine in South Dakota. All counted, in eight weeks and eleven states, we visited more than 40 schools.

I didn’t find a great burger —although I managed to find a couple of okay ones, but I did meet some great students:

  • the aspiring novelist in Spearfish, South Dakota;
  • the social worker who took time from her lunch break for coffee with me in Duluth, Minnesota;
  • the history buff in Mayille, North Dakota whose dream is to someday work for the National Baseball Hall of Fame;
  • the self-professed lab geek in Ogden, Utah—you know you want to live behind a microscope and you know how to get from Weber State’s campus back to the interstate (thanks!);

and many others. I can’t wait to get on the road again next year. Maybe I’ll run into some of you again!

Now, I’m back in the office and back home in Grand Forks. We’re getting ready for a new group of students coming in January. Never a moment’s rest!


Written by School of Graduate Studies

November 24, 2009 at 5:31 pm

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