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An all-time record enrollment in The Graduate School

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Patiently we waited, and waited to learn what the all-important “4th week” enrollment count would reveal. The 4th week count is arbitrary but it comes after several early semester deadlines that can alter student enrollment behavior – late additions, students that withdraw or defer, for example.

Overall the University of North Dakota is experiencing its largest ever Spring time enrollment, with an increase in both the number of undergraduate and graduate students. Typically, Fall semester brings the largest number of new students in an academic year. Yet the past couple of years have shown that new graduate students don’t necessarily follow the traditional academic calendar, and our Spring enrollment numbers have remained steady with Fall, or even slightly increased.

The Graduate School was optimistic for an increase and we got it. Last night’s official 4th Week enrollment numbers showed the highest all-time number of graduate students enrolled at UND. And not by just a few. In the Fall of 2000, The Graduate School had an enrollment of 1452 students. In ten years, that number has increased by 899 students, with fairly steady growth over those years. Today our official number is 2,351 graduate students – an increase 62% over the past decade, and 8.7% over our Spring enrollment last year. This, at least, is the snapshot at 4th week. We look forward to serving even more students throughout the semester.

Written by School of Graduate Studies

February 9, 2010 at 9:30 pm

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