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A litte bit about our applicants

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The Graduate School has several tools at it’s disposal to collect data which we learn about our student body and use to make more informed decisions et c. One of our critical tools is My GradSpace.

It’s almost been a year with My GradSpace — a great year, in fact. Traffic through our sites has been fantastic, students are gathering all the information they request and store it in one place, and we’ve had more applicants this year than we’ve ever had before.

My GradSpace also gives students the chance to tell us a little bit about themselves. We posted a survey, asking students which tests they have taken as they prepare for graduate study, and why they have choosen to explore UND. Here’s what students are telling us:

What tests have you taken?

GRE — 54%
TOEFL — 20%
GMAT — 6%
MAT — 2%

Why have you chosen UND?

Great programs — 76%
Great faculty — 37%
Great facilities — 25%
Spouse/relative — 9%

We’ve posted some new questions on My GradSpace. We’re curious where our students like to study, and we’re curious how often students are online. Log in to My GradSpace and let us know!


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February 11, 2010 at 10:40 pm

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