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The 2010 Scholarly Forum is nearly upon us.   This year represents the 9th, and largest year of the scholarly forum with 74 oral presentations, 94 poster presentations, 21 exhibited works of art, and 2 Dean’s lectures that span the breadth of academic disciplines.  This diversity of presentations is what makes the Scholarly Forum a truly unique opportunity for students and faculty.

Presenting to peers and colleagues at the 2009 Scholarly Forum

This is my second year in the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of North Dakota and my second year of participation with the Scholarly Forum.  I have had the opportunity to present, as well as the unique opportunity, through my G.S.A position at the Graduate School, to help organize this great program.  During my short time here, I’ve come to see the university not simply as an institution, but as community of committed students and scholars.  The Scholarly Forum is an inspiring embodiment of that ideal.  As someone who tends to work across several disciplines, the Scholarly Forum offers an opportunity see the brilliance present in this community of scholars.  But perhaps more importantly, it is an opportunity to meet and interact with students from across the university and disciplines who may be wrestling with similar or related research questions.  (I’ve already mentally earmarked several posters, panels and presentations from the History, English, Geography and Religion/Philosophy departments that I intend on visiting.)

I encourage you to look over the schedules a make a point of stopping by the Memorial Union next week Tuesday and Wednesday.  I invite you come check out the remarkable scholarship and research being done by UND’s students and faculty.

by Ryan Stander, Graduate Student, MFA program

Written by School of Graduate Studies

March 3, 2010 at 5:05 pm

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