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Next OID Lunch Seminar focuses on Grad Curriculum

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On Teaching Lunch Seminar:

Innovative Approaches to the Graduate Curriculum: Bridging the Gap

Patti Alleva, School of Law and Rebecca Romsdahl, Department of Earth System Science & Policy

Wednesday, April 28, 12:00-1:00pm, River Valley Room, Memorial Union

Reflecting on your career as a faculty member or practicing professional (in the midst of grading, writing up committee meeting notes, seeing clients, or redrafting an article), have you ever had the thought that your graduate education did not fully prepare you for the scope of your work?

If this thought has crossed your mind, you are not alone. A number of graduate programs have confronted the fact that there is often a notable gap between the curriculum and the practical realities that confront graduates when they enter the world of work, be it in academia or a profession. A sampling of recent article titles from journals of higher education — “The Disconnect between Graduate Education and the Realities of Faculty Work,” “Professional Education and Private Practice: Is There a Disconnect?,” “Underpreparing the Future Professoriate,” and “Closing the Gap between Professional Teaching and Practice” — reflects the growing realization that this gap exists and needs to be addressed.

How can we help our graduate students — our future colleagues — be better prepared for work in our discipline or field once they leave our programs? We’ve invited some professors who have taken a very thoughtful approach to this issue to share their insights about how to teach, not only knowledge and theory, but also the balance of practical skills and professional judgment that students need to succeed in their working life. And we know many of you have thought deeply about this matter, too. So we hope you’ll come join the conversation as we think about bridging the gap.

Please register by Monday, April 26 at noon to attend and reserve a lunch. Visit the Office of Instructional Development online  to register. For information contact Jana Hollands at 7-4998 or jana.hollands@und.edu

Series co-sponsored by the Office of Instructional Development and Writing Across the Curriculum


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