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Who’s doing it? Social Networks and Higher Education

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For those of us who use social media to heighten awareness of our activities, announcements and news, a new report released by Pearson Social Media gives us some insights into how our faculty use various networks. At the recent NAGAP conference in San Francisco, I guestimate more than one third of the presentations looked a social media in Higher Education – “if you’re not doing it, you should be”. Furthermore, more than a half of the conference and webinar announcements I get are social media focused. Social Media has such an emphasis in Higher Education, but buyer be warned – it’s a commitment.

As a proponent of this type of communication (and I will disclose here that we don’t have a Facebook page – but we do have a YouTube channel, blog and Twitter feed), I am particularly interested in how others in our field use it, develop it or why they might steer away from some applications. I am keen to know your thoughts through the comments link or by emailing me (susancaraher(at)mail.und.edu).

Here is a link to the survey results from Pearson. I hope to see results next year from the same set of questions, since I predict that some types of social networks (like Google Wave) will become a great deal more valuable to our collaborative efforts. I suspect it ranks low since it is still relatively new in this arena.

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May 4, 2010 at 4:01 pm

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