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Twice a year, The Graduate School hosts an orientation for new students to provide them with critical information about policies, services and what to expect as they become senior members of our student body. Several new campus-wide initiatives currently in discussion have given a reason to pause and consider what it is that prospective students  might wish to learn about the University of North Dakota. This is a topic we frequently discussed in our recruitment conversations. Yet the focus now changes to helping students learn critical information they will need before they even step into a classroom. Now that they have committed much of time over the next several years to advancing their knowledge, there is an obligation to provide all the tools they’ll need.

Typically, our orientation for new students includes a welcome to the university-at-large, policies and procedures of The Graduate School, some student life and services talks and an information fair showcasing many of the great student support units around campus. We also give them an opportunity to hear from current grad students about their experiences – good and bad. At the end of a fairly lengthy day, we invite them to join us, meet our staff, and faculty members for an informal picnic in the park.

A second day of orientation is designed for students who will work as Graduate Teaching or Research Assistants – topics such as intellectual property, time management and learning how to navigate the semester as both student and a teacher. Our agenda is meant to provide a big picture  view of graduate life and provide resources for new and current students. Many departments offer an introduction with more of a program emphasis, and we believe that both are important.

So, now is the time for us to review our plans from previous years, revise the agenda based on feedback and design some sessions that will help our incoming students ease into graduate school. If you are joining us this Fall, mark your calendars for August 18 & 19. Details will be coming to you very soon. And if you are a distance student, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


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June 15, 2010 at 12:25 pm

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