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Graduate Student wins award for art, and showcases many talents

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I like my job. For many reasons. Maybe the biggest reason is that I get to meet graduate students, and graduate students are some of the most interesting and talented people around.

For example, Xavier Pastrano is a Master’s student in our English department. Not only is he a great English student, he’s also a musician. He plays solo shows, has released CDs, and he’s in one of the region’s best bands, The North River Ramblers. The Ramblers play amazing bluegrass music – floorboard-stomping, harmonizing, banjo-picking, smile-on-your-face-making bluegrass music.

Xavier’s also an accomplished artist and photographer. (Does this guy ever sleep?)  On a recent trip to Norway and Denmark, he took a series of photographs. These photographs, along with his artwork, are now on display in the Grand Forks City Hall, because Xavier is the first recipient of the Grand Forks Mayor’s Choice Artist Award.

Yesterday, along with the Northern Valley Arts Council, the Mayor held a reception to celebrate Xavier’s work. As the Ramblers played, I admired Xavier’s photographs and artwork while I tapped toes with a big grin.

Xavier’s artwork is funny, thoughtful, and on display at Grand Forks City Hall for the next three months

Xavier’s a great talent. Both The Graduate School and the city are lucky to have him.

The Grand Forks Herald also published a story about Xavier today.


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July 22, 2010 at 12:44 pm

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