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Online Nursing Students Experience the UND Campus

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One of most enjoyable parts of our jobs as recruiters for The Graduate School is providing campus tours to prospective and new students. On Wednesday, Mike Hinschberger, our Graduate Recruitment Associate, and I gave a tour to our new Advanced Public Health Nursing students who take their courses online.  As a part of their orientation into the Nursing program, these students came from as far away as Alaska to spend a few days on campus.  This visit is a great way for our online students to meet their professors as well as fellow students they will be working with over the course of the next few years.

We like for our online students to get involved at UND and are excited when they come to visit us!

The weather cooperated as we made our way around campus.  We started at the Northern Plains Behavioral Research Center and made stops at “The Ralph”, the UND Bookstore, The School of Medicine and Health Sciences, The Memorial Union, and Twamley Hall.  In between these stops, we took some time to admire the beauty of our campus.  Our maintenance and grounds crews do an incredible job of beautifying campus and making it enjoyable for everyone.

Advanced Public Health Nursing students tour campus

Advanced Public Health Nursing students tour campus

It was also the first day I had walked around campus since the start of the fall semester and it was nice to see so many students around again.  Many in our group commented that they will have to come back for another visit so they can spend more time taking in the atmosphere.  We hope they do!

I wish all of our students, both online and on campus, a great semester!

David Konerza, Graduate Recruitment Specialist


Written by School of Graduate Studies

August 26, 2011 at 8:49 am

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