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Visiting Scholars – Mark your calendars!

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There are many events happening around campus next week, but we wanted to highlight a couple of visiting scholar talks that will take place on April 12. The History Department is hosting Dr David Silkenat for their Regional Speaker Series, and the Communication Program welcomes Latina Scholar Dr. Angharad N. Valdivia. Here are their promos:


The Department of History’s Regional Speakers’ Series hosts Dr. David Silkenat, NDSU Department of History

Driven Away from Home: The American Civil War Considered as a Refugee Crisis 

The Civil War generated one of the largest refugee crises in American history. Throughout the Confederacy, black and white Southerners fled away from and towards Union lines. Far from home, they found themselves living in refugee camps, without adequate food and shelter, and suffering from homesickness, malnutrition, and epidemic disease. A significantly understudied aspect of the American Civil War, this refugee crisis sheds light on the lived experience of thousands of civilians driven from their homes. One of the most important and distinctive features of the Confederate refugee crisis was its diversity, as Southerners of all races, genders, classes, and political alliances chose or were forced to move as a consequence of the Civil War. Recognizing the importance of these voluntary and involuntary migrations should force us to reconsider how we understand the Confederate home front when so many Southerners experienced the war away from home.

Join us on 12 April 2012 at 4:00 in O’Kelly Rm 228

Dr David Silkenat will speak in the History Department on Thursday at 4pm




UND Communication Program Hosts Latina Scholar Dr. Angharad N. Valdivia

The UND Communication Program is hosting a visit Thursday, April 12, by an international scholar of gender and ethnicity, Dr. Angharad N. Valdivia, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Dr. Valdivia will present a talk in the Spring Graduate Colloquium Series titled “Global Hybridity, Local Ethnicity:  Latina/os and Popular Culture.” In her talk, she will propose that Latina/os, as a constructed category, present an ideal case study with which to understand contemporary concepts of hybridity and globalization. Latina/os are the most numerous minority population in the US.  Issues of production, representation, and interpretation are both local and global.  She asks us to consider how we begin to understand the global circulation of ethnicity narratives that have long national histories.

Dr. Angharad N. Valdivia is the Department Head of Media and Cinema Studies and the Interim Director of the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She combines the areas of gender studies with ethnic studies and Latin American studies. She brings these together in the examination of contemporary mainstream popular culture in an approach that explores the tension between agency and structure within a transnational setting.

The talk will take place at Swanson Hall, Room 16-18, at 2:00 pm. A reception for the guest will be held at 3:30 p.m. that day at the UND Center for Community Engagement, 317 Cambridge St.  The campus and community are invited.

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