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Arts & Sciences students are among those to present their research with orals and posters at the 2014 Scholarly Forum

The School of Graduate Studies‘ annual Scholarly Forum showcases the exceptional research and scholarship from the University of North Dakota‘s graduate community.

The College of Arts and Sciences has been hard at work researching and writing presentations for next week’s graduate Scholarly Forum. On Tuesday and Wednesday, their sessions will feature over forty oral presentations with topics such as:

  • Adsorption of hydrogen in covalent organic frameworks using Expanded Wang-Landau simulations, Aaron Koenig, Caroline Desgranges, Jerome Delhommelle (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Jerome Delhommelle) Department of Chemistry
  • American Imperialism in the Pacific: A Historiographical Investigation, Andrew Larson (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Hans Broedel) Department of History
  • New Perspectives on the Occurrence of Absolute Pitch, Greg Schultz (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Katherine Norman-Dearden) Department of Music
  • Quantitative Real Time PCR Analysis of An Activation Tagged P. tremula x P. alba Mutant R19-6 Resistant to White Mark Tussock Moth (Orgyia leucostigma) Feeding, Samuel Bandi, Heidi Connahs, Brett Gross, Steven Ralph (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Steven Ralph) Department of Biology
  • A perceptual study of correction focus in Akan, Afua Blay (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Amebu Seddoh) Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders
  • Poe as Cultural Critic: The Rhetorical Position of Women in the “Dupin Tales”, Meghan Hurley, Rhiannon Conley-Pierson, Anna Kinney (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Heidi Czerwiec) Department of English

The 2014 Scholarly Forum is March 11 & 12 in the Memorial Union, University of North Dakota. To view the presentation schedules and the poster listing, click here.


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