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Showcasing research from College of Engineering and Mines at #ScholarlyForum 14

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The annual Scholarly Forum showcases graduate research from around UND

The School of Graduate Studies’ annual Scholarly Forum showcases graduate and faculty research and scholarship from across the University of North Dakota’s campus. One of the largest participants is the College of Engineering and Mines, with oral and poster presentations from Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Sustainable Energy and Electrical Engineering and Geology. For the past few years, the College has used the forum as a perfect backdrop to showcase their students’ work.

This year’s event features presentations from various departments in the College, with topics such as:

  • Economic Dispatch for Power Systems with Renewable Generation, Siby Jose Plathottam (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Hossein Salehfar) Department of Electrical Engineering
  • A Legacy of Past Climate Change on Today’s Landforms, Risa Madoff (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Jaakko Putkonen) Department of Geology
  • On the Development of Fly Ash as a Cementitious Material, Surojit Gupta, M. F. Riyad, T. Hammann, R. Johnson (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Surojit Gupta) Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Microbial degradation of lignin for valuable chemicals production, Fnu Asina (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Yun Ji) Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Electroencephalogram Signal Processing Based on Pattern Recognition for Early Seizure Detection, Leila Azinfar (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Reza Fazel Rezai) Department of Electrical Engineering

Learn more about the session schedules for Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12, and the listings for the Poster session on Wednesday afternoon.


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March 7, 2014 at 9:03 am

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